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What Does It Cost to Build a Home?

How much does it cost to build a house? It is one of the most frequent questions that customers have in their minds.

Basically, in building a house, they are faced with two kinds of situations: building it from scratch or restoring an existing building.

How much does it cost to build a house in Australia?

Building a home from scratch can sometimes be less burdensome than renovating an old building. But there are both positive and negative sides to be carefully evaluated on both options.

There are a lot of advantages you can get from building a new house from scratch.

  • You can have a full control of how it will be completed
  • You also can choose for modern and innovative construction materials
  • You can finish it with your favourite choice of interior design and furniture
  • You also can pay close attention to respect the environment with the energy saving technology

This way you can manage the monthly bills you will spend the rest of your life in the first place.

Tips for building a house

Building a new home is definitely easier. You can build it according to your needs and lifestyle. However, you may face a couple of difficulties in making it.

First, it is necessary to identify the most suitable building site. Then the estimation time for building it may not be fast and most of the time can be extended for more than you can expect.

It is also necessary to estimate the additional costs that can be incurred during the work, such as the rental of particular construction machinery. It is important to put in a budget cost and calculate everything thoroughly. This is because everything depends on what we choose regarding the location, materials, interior systems and the completion.

The prices in building a house may also vary according to the area where the new construction is to be carried out. It has a huge impact on the cost of the land too.

Wooden house

Now, how about a wooden house? The cost of making a wooden house varies according to:

  • The shape we want to make to our home
  • The quality and size of the materials, for example, the lamellar wood has a significantly higher cost than the solid wood
  • The type of roof, tiles, cement, stone, metal, pottery or green roof, the interior completion, the required fixtures, the number of compartments and of course the position we chose to build.

Building a wooden house is generally slightly more expensive than brick houses. However, this type of housing offers remarkable economic benefits due to the low consumption of fuel and its energy efficiency for the long term use.

The existence of wooden houses is also limited so you can consider it as having one of a kind housing style. You should also calculate the building time needed when you are planning to get one. It is almost the same like building a regular styled home.

The cost to build a house

As mentioned above that the prices to build a house may vary. Let us now learn to analyse the items to spend in building a house. Assuming that you are building a 150 square metres cottage with garden:

  • Building expenses of 1000 square metres for the land will cost you between $180 and $220 per square metre, which can also be very much higher according to the location which the building is built.
  • The excavation can cost you from $22,000 to $30,000. You may add another $30,000 if the excavations require a demolition to consolidate the base of the building.
  • The cement and brick construction will cost about $134,500.
  • The roof can cost you around $44,000 and the outer coat about $15,000.

These, of course, are only some reference prices that may be useful to give you an insight into the overall idea of ​​what the costs may be. Again, the price may vary considerably and, to obtain a precise estimation, you must contact a contractor or a consultant in the area.

  • Facilities: Electricity will cost about $19,500. Add more about $30,000 to $35,000 for boiler and heating system and $4,500 to connect the electricity and gas.
  • Bureaucracy: An architect who prepares you for a project, coordinates the work, provides static calculations, tests, and certifications that will cost you around $45,000.
  • Completion: they do not have a fixed cost but vary according to the materials chosen.

Now you know the raw estimation to build a house. You may try to calculate your dream house right away!

Last but not least, you also have to consider the usage of an asbestos product. Since it has already banned in Australia, you should never reuse or recycle the product in any way. You also have to inspect the existing house for asbestos before the demolition project. Save more money by following the applicable regulations.

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