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The 6 Most Effective Ways to Clean the Bathroom Wall

You definitely agree with the statement that the bathroom is the dirtiest place that you can find, even more than the kitchen, in a house. Yes, the bathroom is an area where various types of bacteria and germs containing viral diseases are located. Therefore, the cleanliness of the bathroom is one important thing that must be checked regularly to maintain your health. However, since you need to clean it regularly, you should know how to clean the bathroom without spending too much energy.

effective ways to clean the bathroom wall

It is true that bathroom treatment is quite hard for some people. However, for the sake of keeping everything clean, it would be nice if we give up a little energy to clean the area. There are several parts of bathroom that need special treatments such as toilet, floor, and wall. Usually, the bathroom wall is the most difficult part to clean because there are stubborn crust or stains that are hard to remove.

However, before you maintain your bathroom by yourself properly, you should make sure that your bathroom is free from any asbestos materials. Try to check the presence of asbestos through asbestos testing services. Keeping the bathroom clean will be useless if you still have asbestos product inside. So, complete the asbestos testing services with asbestos removal work immediately. You can find a lot of asbestos removalists here in Sydney.

Read the following tricks to give you information on how to clean bathroom walls with natural materials. Curious? Check it out!

1. Using White Vinegar

White vinegar has the hidden benefits of removing the crust in your bathroom. Note, vinegar can only be applied to clean the walls of a tiled bathroom, not a stone.

Materials and applications:

  • Provide pure white vinegar
  • Let the bathroom wall dry
  • Spray vinegar on the bathroom wall
  • Leave it overnight so you can clean them on the next day
  • Pour hot water while rubbing the wall with a brush
  • Leave it for a few minutes and rinse them until clean

2. Using Boiling Water

Hot water has the property to kill bacteria and germs. Therefore, the technique of cleaning the bathroom wall using hot water is powerful enough to be done to get rid of the crust or stains that are not too thick.

Materials and applications:

  • A pot of hot boiling water
  • Lemon
  • Rub the inside part of the lemon t on the bathroom wall
  • Flush gently with hot water carefully
  • Rub using aluminium wire, and rinse thoroughly

3. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a powerful ingredient to repel stubborn crust. You need a significant amount of baking soda to remove the thick crust on the bathroom wall.

Materials and applications:

  • Provide backing soda as needed, if the crust is stubborn then you should increase the number of baking soda
  • Prepare hot water
  • Dab backing soda on the bathroom wall while splashing hot water gradually
  • Leave it for one hour, then brush them using coarse wire
  • Rinse again with water until clean

4. Non-Iodine Abrasive Salt

Salt contains high minerals, and rough structures can be used as a scrub to remove the crust on your bathroom wall. This non-Iodine coarse salt can be found in the form of flakes that are not smooth at all.

Materials and applications:

  • Non-Iodine Salt about 2 kg
  • Prepare white vinegar
  • Pour vinegar on the bathroom wall
  • Scrub with coarse salt and aluminium wire
  • Do not water the wall before all parts have been rubbed
  • Rinse using warm water until it is clean

5. Using Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is known as crust, thick dirt and stains crusher in the bathroom. However, you should be careful when using this material because it is dangerous if it is exposed to skin or being inhaled. Therefore, try to use a safety gear such as rubber gloves and masks before cleaning the bathroom.

Materials and applications:

  • Provide enough caustic soda
  • Prepare gloves and masks
  • Use the safety gear and wear boots when cleaning the bathroom
  • Wet the bathroom wall with hot water, then sprinkle the caustic soda. Or you can also dissolve the caustic soda with water first, then pour the mixture on the bathroom wall.
  • Wait for an hour, and scrub with an elongated brush, avoiding contact with the hand
  • Rinse with water until clean

6. Using Cleaning Fluids

This is the last option for those of you who want to be practical in cleaning the bathroom; Using cleaning fluid that is widely available in the minimarket. This method is more preferred because it is easy to use for those who do not have a lot of free time to clean the bathroom.

Materials and applications:

  • Pour the cleanser into the bathroom wall then wait for its reaction
  • Brush and rinse thoroughly
  • Note: you should avoid using products made from acid because it can damage the bathroom walls made of natural stone or ceramic.

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