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Comprehensive Information: Asbestos Demolition and Removal in Sydney

How to undertake a safe asbestos demolition and demolition in Sydney? Do you live in Sydney area? Asbestos is one of troublesome material that contaminated houses and properties in Sydney area. It’s a smart decision to pack yourself with information about the dangerous material and how to conduct a safe asbestos demolition and removal.

asbestos demolition and removal in sydney

It’s Real! Asbestos Attack in Sydney

Asbestos was a favorite substance utilized in the construction of building several years ago. Due to its ability, asbestos utilized in many sectors that need a fire-resistant material or good insulator for the property.

Australia is one of many countries that mined, produced and used asbestos material many years ago. Consequently, the asbestos material utilized in almost all the region in Australia. One of the regions is Sydney. Asbestos was used in constructing buildings in Sydney but until 1986 the material got banned by the NSW government.

Based on the information before that asbestos was widely used in Sydney, we might say that asbestos is a common part of Sydney homes and properties. The substance may lay within our house for some time without we realize it. Mostly, the home built before 1982 in Sydney has a high possibility of containing asbestos material.

For houses in Sydney, asbestos material may hide or stored in the area known as “fibro belt.” The Western Sydney neighborhoods developed a whole street of houses from fibro in the 1950s until 1960s. The area is such as Holyroyd City Council in the West Sydney.

The fibro belt itself is an acronym of fibrous cement sheet.

Fibro sheeting reached the reputation amid the post-World War II period, because of its inexpensive price and stable quality.


The material has been utilized all around the earth, including Australia. Formerly, Australia produced the majority of the world’s fiber material and had the most outstanding rates of fiber usage. Today we realize that whole rural area in the post-war building was extensively developed of fiber material, making “fibro belts” in all Australian cities.

It’s not just in the fibro belt that asbestos is available. The other bad news is the fibro material also used to fabricate sheds and carports all through Sydney, and there were a large group of different employments of asbestos, from vinyl floor tiles to protecting board to cement pipe. So, if you are living in Sydney now, better aware of the asbestos material within your house.

Why do You need To Know How To Do Asbestos Demolition Safely?

So, what if your property contains asbestos?

The first step you should take is to understand and comprehend everything about the asbestos material.

Gather all the information you needed.

It is because interacting or working with asbestos is a dangerous and risky action. So, pack yourself with all the right information to handle asbestos safely. Remember asbestos is a delicate material, if you do any error in the process, it may lead you to the asbestos exposure.

Getting the asbestos exposure or inhale the asbestos fibers is the thing that you have to avoid.

Asbestos inhalation could cause some asbestos-related diseases, like lung cancer, asbestosis, or malignant mesothelioma. They are respiratory disorders with no recognized remedy and has a high chance of death for who are diagnosed with it. For that reason, the best action to handle the asbestos safely is by contacting a professional licensed asbestos removal.

Asbestos Watch Sydney is the right place for you to get the right and top-grade asbestos removal contractor within Sydney areas. All the asbestos removal contractors under the Asbestos Watch Sydney have through a tight evaluation. So, you will get a qualified, insured and trustworthy asbestos removalist in a simple and quick way. No more difficulties in looking the right removalist. Call the contractors today to get the best deal!

Asbestos Removalist in Sydney

If there is an asbestos material in an area, the City of Sydney claims particular standard to diminish the asbestos presentation with SafeWork methods, control, and disposal procedure. Based NSW regulations the asbestos material can only be removed and transferred by a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

But, there is an exception for the building owners to remove it by themselves if the asbestos material is less than 10m² of material. But, there are some things needed to be done before any asbestos removal procedure conducted.

They are:

There should be a notification to all the neighbors that there are going to happen an asbestos removal in the area. The notification better in writing form, which has to contain information about:

a. Date(s) and time(s) of the removal process
b. The name of the licensed asbestos removal contractor
c. The information about the site such as telephone, fax and email details.

Besides that, the home renovators or building owners wants to remove the asbestos material by themselves need to be equipped with a comprehend information and protective gears for the process.

But, doing any work involving asbestos still is a dangerous thing, even though it’s just a small work. The possibility of inhaling the asbestos fibers in the process is a big chance.

If you want to get fully equipped, your Sydney local council official website may help you. Another website that will also help and assist you get all the information you needed is Asbestos Watch.

If you are currently living in Sydney, do not forget to check Sydney local council. Sydney local council has several regulations and guideline that have to follow in handling the asbestos demolition and removal in a safe way.

Here’s some information about asbestos at a worksite.

a. WorkCover NSW under the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 will handle and accommodate the asbestos waste at worksites.
b. The regulation of storage, disposal, and transport the asbestos waste is under NWS Environment Protection Authority (EPA) or by your local council. For more information, you may contact your local council.

What if you broke the law in asbestos removal procedure?

The EPA and local council have the power to issue the clean-up and precaution notice to discuss the pollution incident where the asbestos fibers might contaminate the air (if the asbestos fibers go airborne), or the asbestos waste disposes of not in a proper way.

If you are served with a clean-up or precaution notice, you HAVE to pay for the cleaning up and disposal procedure cost.


If we are talking about asbestos lay within Sydney homes, it is a good idea also to talk and identify the asbestos outside your house.

DO NOT IGNORE to check your backyard or your front garden. You may find asbestos in your surrounding house, here’s the following example where you can find asbestos in your house:

  1. The soil around your house may contaminate with asbestos material. Beware!
  2. Cladding and imitation brick
  3. Fencing
  4. Kennels
  5. Shelters
  6. Carports
  7. Loose asbestos cladding

Here it is some information for building owners in Sydney.

We know that the inhalation of asbestos fibers may risk even threaten our lives. That is why we have to prevent any asbestos fibers to go airborne or spread in the air.

So, if you are planning to do a renovation or reconstruction work for your building or property, better call an asbestos removal contractor to assist you.

You also may need to contact a company that offers asbestos air monitoring service in Sydney to monitor and control your work area. But, before you do any those work, you better already registered the asbestos material in your building or property. It is necessary to know how much asbestos present in your property.

In Sydney,

Asbestos air monitoring is not only the right thing to do, but it is also regulations. It is a procedure to control and maintain the low level of the asbestos fibers in the air. So, if the process might release the asbestos fibers, it will not danger others lives. When you conducted an asbestos air monitoring in your work area, you not only renovated your property and made it look better but also make Sydney the healthier place for you to live.

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