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Fibrous materials: the hidden danger in soil

Soil contaminated by asbestos can be found in many places and locations around the greater Sydney region. Illegal asbestos dumping or improper demolition are a few cause of soil contamination.

Asbestos poses a risk to human health when elevated levels of fibres are breathed in. It is reported that exposure to airborne fibrous materials may trigger the development of aggressive diseases such as lung cancer and asbestosis.

Taking in consideration that there are multiple legal requirements and regulations surrounding the removal and disposal of contaminated ground. It’s the best to call a professional if you suspect your ground may contain fibre products.

Asbestos Watch Sydney endorses highly skilled and competent contractors in performing asbestos soil remediation Sydney jobs as you needs.

Our approved contractors, with their team of specialist always ensure that the project is done appropriately and in compliance with relevant codes of practices and regulations. We believe in our members’ ability to remove contaminated land, especially friable materials.



Trust your contaminated ground problems to our contractors! Any issue relating to contaminated ground or excavated fill will be solved completely. Do not hesitate. Call our endorsed contractors today! They are always ready to help you.

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Safe your ground!

An area, where an older building was renovated or demolished, has an additional risks of contaminated ground. It is highly possible that when the building was taken down, asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were not disposed of correctly.

The ACMs might have been buried intact, mixed with other wastes or even imported to another site as a recycled product or ground fill materials. The asbestos material should not be disturbed where non-friable or friable asbestos is present in the ground (greater than 0.5 meters below the soil surface),unless it is for the purpose of site remediation, redevelopment or site management.

Raise your awareness and be aware! Product such as fibrous roofing, floor tiles and fencing may contaminate your backyard or garden.

The residence in the contaminated area might be affected by the hazardous airborne fibre. It’s reported that a prolonged exposure to airborne fibrous materials may trigger the development of numerous aggressive diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancers. It’s a must to protect the people  around the contaminated area from the detrimental effects of airborne fibres by implementing correct control measures within the building.


DIY attempts of removing ACMs at your home

The most common form of ACM found in homes is “fibro” asbestos cement sheets or pipes. You can actually do the removal process by yourself. As long as the fibro is in a small amount, you are able to remove it yourself, but still you have to follow the requirements and wear appropriate equipment.

If you are not comfortable with doing the work yourself and unsure of the appropriate safe work procedures, then it is advised to hire a licensed asbestos removalist. Moreover, if you have more than 10 square meters of fibro material, you should hire a licensed removalist.

As we already know that the danger from asbestos arises if elevated levels of dust are generated and the dusts are breathed in. So, you can make the fibro materials keep being dampen when you are cleaning up and minimize further break-up of the fibro sheets. Visible pieces of fibro should be removed by hands, not without power tools.  Then you need to place them into sealed bags.

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Choose the right contractor for your asbestos soil remediation Sydney jobs

If you suspect or even have discovered evidence of asbestos in your ground, contact our endorsed contractors immediately. Our approved members are the correct answer for your ACM soil remediation problems.

They provide asbestos soil remediation Sydney services as follow:

1. An accurate pre-inspection for the identification of ACMs in your property

It is quite impossible to recognize asbestos contamination in the soil, but you may still manage to find fibrous products or sheetings buried in the ground. If you believe that your soil is contaminated by ACMs, it is important to call a professional right away.

Our approved members are class-A licensed and extensively trained. With their vast experiences in this area, rely your remediation soil jobs to them! They offer swift pre-inspection services to property owners in the greater Sydney region. Our endorsed specialists will schedule a pre-inspection and collecting samples at the suspected area to determine the amount of contamination in your ground.

Professional Asbestos Soil Remediation Service in Sydney

If required, they will arrange a complete asbestos testing at your ground that may include:

  • Background knowledge of the area in question
  • The amount of contamination
  • Likely source of contaminant

Assessing contaminated ground is a complex procedure and can only be performed by a licensed worker. Over years, our approved members proved to deliver a desired result and quick analysis.

2. Removal process of ground that contains fibre

After doing the pre-inspection, our approved specialists will work with you to discuss the most appropriate soil remediation service that ssuits your needs. They will provide great services that meet your spending budget. They will make a control plan to ensure that the work is keep on the track. Fibres removal might be performed by hand or using machines for excavation depends on the level of ground contamination.

You have to notice that you can not remove any equipment from the contaminated area. That is to ensure that everyone near the contaminated area stays safe prior to removal. You can still do your normal activities until our specialists obtain the analysis result and after they perform the removal process completely.

3. Transportation and dumping process to a legal facility

All hazardous materials will be sealed and properly treated for the transportation purposes. The disposal process will be done in an approved EPA licensed landfill. Trust our class-A contractors to deliver a safe soil remediation Sydney service.

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If you suspect or have discovered evidence of fibres in your soil, do not hesitate, call our members immediately. We will connect you to class-A licensed contractors who are highly skilled, experienced and extensively trained. They will analyze the degree of contamination at your property. Whether it’s in a commercial or residential setting; they can help you.

If needed, our approved removalists will do a further removal process of contaminated soil according to your needs. As stated by national and local legislations, any remediation work should be conducted in a controlled manner in accordance with protocols for contaminated site assessment and management.

You can feel at ease since all works will be conducted in the safest manner and in accordance with national and local regulations

Their team of specialists undergo an extensive training to make sure that the removal process is completely safe, efficient and cost-effective. They are also equipped by new and modern equipment. You can trust your soil remediation to our contractors. They are committed to provide a high quality and satisfactory result for you at value prices.

Contact our contractors today! You are one step closer to ensure the health and safety of your family, employees and environment.