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"Asbestos Watch Sydney endorses A-class licensed contractors who can assist you in the development of an excellent asbestos management plan (AMP) In Sydney"

Maintain a safe environment by having an asbestos management plan

An asbestos management plan Sydney can help companies to maintain a safe working environment. Worries no more! we can help you to create an excellent plan to ensure that your property is fibrous-free.

A vehicle manufacturer has been fined and prosecuted by the regulatory body after the discovery of asbestos-contaminated panels at its’ site. On the day the contaminated boards were found, the register was not fully available to the construction workers to allow them to check whether the boards contained fibrous materials.

asbestos management plan sydney

Avoid the same mistake by having a readily accessible register and plans at your premises. An AMP can help you to manage and control fibrous materials in your building so that possible exposures to airborne fibre can be prevented.

As an endorsement company for asbestos contractors, we will connect you with A-class licensed contractors that are able to assist you in the development of a detailed AMP. All our endorsed contractors are skilled in many asbestos disciplines and have the relevant experience and knowledge to assist you in the development of your AMP.

They can help you with all necessities in regards to managing fibres in your property, starting from an initial survey to delivering the final report. Our endorsed specialists can also update and review the management plan for continued compliance in line with the latest legislation when required. Whether you need assistance with management plans or other services, our team can help.

Why you need to create an asbestos management plan Sydney

Up to one-third of residential, commercial, and public buildings in Australia are likely to contain fibrous materials. Unless they are properly managed, building and maintenance workers may breathe in hazardous fibres when carrying out everyday jobs. Even now, asbestos-related diseases account for more than 2,500 deaths every year.

Having a detailed and readily accessible register and management plan can reduce the risk of exposure to people residing in your building. There are plenty of reasons why you have to create an AMP as follows:

1. If you are a landlord or a property manager

You may be required to create a register and a management plan if you are a landlord or a property manager. If you are a landlord or a property manager, you must find out whether the building contains fibrous material, how much there is, and what condition it is in. You also need to assess the risk – will it release potentially harmful fibres? Then, you have to make a control plan to manage that risk.

2. Fibrous materials have been identified before

If any fibre has been identified in your building, whether in fencing, roofing, or cement sheeting, you have to create an AMP and register. Both are closely related and usually prepared at the same time. Briefly, a register is a document that stated where fibres had been found in your building. While an AMP gives detailed information on the processes that you have to take for dealing with the fibres.

An expert is required to conduct the work to manage and maintain an effective in-place program. This ensures that the day-to-day management of the building minimises the release of fibres into the air. Even when the airborne fibres are released into the surrounding environment, either accidentally or intentionally, proper control measures and cleanup procedures are implemented.

Briefly, a management program is required in various circumstances such as when:

  • The premise owner recognizes that a material containing fibres has been used for any purpose related to the building
  • The owner decides to treat a material in the building as an ACM
  • An initial survey has determined that a material in the building is an ACM
  • An employee or a constructor notifies the premise owner of the discovery of a material that may be an ACM

3. Legal requirements for a premise owner

The most obvious reason to have an AMP is because it’s a legal requirement for premises owner. If you fail to show this document or have an outdated document, you can be charged with a fine and prosecuted by the regulatory body. The penalty can be as high as $3,600 for a homeowner or $18,000 for corporates.

But the threat of the legal penalty should not be your sole reason for creating a management program. The regulations are there for a good reason; by creating the program and ensuring that the information is available for everyone, you are protecting your employee or occupants of your premise as well as any contractors who might be working on your premise. The potential consequences of being exposed to fibres due to lack of information outweigh any monetary penalties.

In order to follow regulations and ensure the safety of premises occupants, you should seek help and advice from removal specialists to implement an appropriate in-place program in your property. We can connect you to experts that will assist you in the development of a detailed asbestos management plan Sydney. They have an extensive training and the right certification to deliver high-quality services at value prices.

Our A-class licensed members will help you to comply with complex regulations – ensuring you stay safe and legal. They can inspect your premises for fibrous products, take samples for analysis, and, if required, draw up and help you create an in-place management program. In short, they can help you with the whole process of complying with the regulations and relieve you of the worry.

Why choosing our endorsed contractors to develop asbestos management plan Sydney is a wise move

When it comes to hazardous material management, you need a contractor you can trust. Our approved contractors have an excellent safety record and years of experience in the the industry. Here are some reasons why you need to contact our contractors upon the discovery of fibrous materials at your premises as follows:

a. We offer easy and straightforward process

Our philosophy is simple – we make the whole process as easy as possible for our customers like you while offering services that fits your individual needs. Getting an expert through us involves a simple and straightforward process. Apart from having a website that is easy to navigate, it has a clear information how to reach our endorsed contractors.

When you contact one or more of our A-class licensed contractors, you’ll be getting immediate help from dedicated professionals who are committed to bringing you the best that they have to offer. They will keep you informed every-step-of-the-way so that you always feel that you are in the loop and informed about the project.

b. They are reliable and competent

We understand that choosing the right contractor, that you can rely upon, tends to be challenging. That’s why we only endorsed contractors that are fully A-class licensed, competent, and reliable. The fact that you can always count on reliability, speed and competence of our endorsed contractors is nothing exceptional for us, but rather a matter of course.

c. They take all jobs seriously

From conducting a pre-inspection to creating a management plan Sydney for a large premise, our endorsed contractors have you covered. Let our team of specialists does the job right the first time and every time. Every job they do is performed on time and with a commitment to the highest quality. You can count on them to respond quickly – they take all jobs seriously.

d. Fast and accurate job to help you plan

Our A-class licensed members offer fast and accurate services to the customers. Our approved assessors are responsive and made what could have been a stressful process a smooth transition.

e. Total solutions for your problems

Whatever problems you are facing, contact our approved contractors so that they can fully understand your needs, make suggestions and plan the development of an in-place management program. Complete services offered by our approved contractors provide a total solution for your problem.

Extensive AMP services provided by our A-class licensed contractors

You should be aware that you are required by law to have an AMP for your business premises. Worries no more, our class-A licensed contractors can assist you to develop a management program to ensure that you are managing fibres in your property efficiently and in compliance with regulations.

Here are the extensive services provided by our endorsed contractors:

1. Our approved contractors will assist you in developing an efficient and practical plan for your problems

If you suspect the presence of friable fibrous materials throughout your house or business, then get in touch with one or more of our approved contractors today. They will perform a thorough visual analysis of suspected materials on your property and determine whether they contain fibres or not.

With many years of experience, they know where these carcinogenic fibres hide, and they can formulate an effective management plan Sydney for your building. They will deliver a comprehensive and detail written report that readily accessible for workers or occupants at your premises. Their easy to understand report will not leave you scratching your head.

The final report may include:

  • Asbestos Register
  • Risk Assessment and implemented control measures
  • Analysis and timeline report
  • Practical advice and recommendations
  • Relevant plans and photographs

2. Risk assessment and implementation of control measures to eliminate the risk of exposure

By gathering all necessary information from your register, our contractors will implement appropriate procedures to control activities that may disturb ACMs in your building. If required, they will connect you with competent removalists who offer services such as sampling, testing, removal, transportation, and disposal of fibrous materials.

Furthermore, they also offer periodic reviews to ensure that the management program is in compliance with local and regional legislations. The periodic inspection will also assess the degree of deterioration of ACMs in your building. If necessary, they will provide you with possible actions if deterioration is detected at your premises.

3. Timeline for the implementation of control measures

Our endorsed contractors will deliver a timeline that will be set based on material risk assessments to ensure the effectivity of the program. They will provide a timetable for action including dates and priorities for reviewing risk assessments. Their team of experts will also give information and consultation to workers or residents at your building on how to safely handle fibres in a case of emergency.

4. Maintain an up-to-date asbestos register

Our approved members will update your register whenever they have work done on fibrous materials. They will ensure that all information is presented in a suitable and clear manner so that it can be easily understood. They may provide consistent and detailed descriptions when specifying locations or areas and using diagrams or photos to assist in accurate position identification.

The best solution to manage fibrous at your premises

As an endorsement company for highly reputable contractors, we will connect you with professionals to develop a detailed Sydney asbestos management strategy to manage fibres problem in your premises. Our experts specialise all types of fibrous services for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. They strive to provide high-quality services at competitive costs.

Our consultants are highly skilled in performing fibre works and have the experience and knowledge to assist you in the development of your management program. It is critical to ensure that the plans are working effectively.

Our contractor will help you with management and control of the building and other relevant structures to prevent exposure from airborne fibres to your families or employees. They will analyse the dangers postured by this fibrous material in your property and create a system and procedure to control them.

Contact one or more of our contractors to assist you in developing a detailed asbestos management plan in Sydney to ensure a safe and healthy living environment for your family and employees.