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Asbestos Guide! – How To Safe Handling Your Asbestos Roof

Is your roof safe from the asbestos material? Today, we are going to learn about an asbestos guide on how to safe handling your asbestos roof, we will assist you in conducting a safe fibre roof handling in Sydney region.

Is it safe if I remove the asbestos roofing by myself?

Here’s the complete guide about fibrous roof handling to answer all of your questions regarding the hazardous substance.

process of removing roof asbestos

Asbestos roof in Sydney area

Asbestos is one of substance that broadly used in Australia and Sydney is one of the areas that utilized the material in many properties. Mostly, a property built before the 1990s employed the material. It is because the material was a darling element before the NSW government banned the usage of the material.


After the scientist found the harmful impact of fiber substance, the substance utilization already spread all over the world. In Sydney itself, numerous old buildings probably have asbestos-containing material (ACM). One of the areas that you may find fiber substance lay around is the roof. The old properties may use the asbestos roof as part of the property construction.


If you are going to renovate your roof, make sure you make the right asbestos management plan to undertake the process. In Sydney, the weather can be hot and sunny or cold or cloudy, or maybe there was a storm that destroyed your roof. When it’s happening, you have to consider doing a thorough checking on your property. If there is a possibility that your property has fiber substance within, better do a complete checking procedure, particularly when you own an old property.

Remember: As long as you have ACM products lying around your property, there is a big chance that you will be exposed to the dangerous substance.

Better take action immediately!

It won’t harm you to do some tests for the suspicious material.
Do some test to check whether fibrous substance existed on your property or not.

The biggest step you have to take is to remove the ACM products. But, asbestos removal procedure is big action to take. Before you do any work, you may check your roofing condition, if needed then conduct a safe roof removal Sydney procedure.

Remember, Do It Carefully!

You can try to do these steps: (Do not forget to wear proper mask and equipment)
Look at your roof condition and Check if the material is broken, damaged or cracked.

If it happens, you can dampen the area with a wet cloth. It helps lessen the opportunity of the fibers goes airborne. But, the best way to handle your fiber roofing is by using a professional service.

Here is some information about the roof renovation you might need.

a. Over-cladding

is not a removal rooftop process. We just put other layers of a roof above the old rooftop. The over-cladding is not the best options in handling your fiber material. It is because it does not remove the fiber substance, it just covers the dangerous material. But, the threat will remain there.

b. Striping and Resheeting.

Striping and Resheeting are not a recommended method if you are doing it by yourself, especially when the fiber substance exist on your property. The ACM roofing usually made from a fiber. This kind of material can easily break, and the process might release the substance. The process will discard the broken material.

c. Rooftop Coatings.

This process employed as part of an emergency repair. This choice may help to fix a crack or holes in your rooftop. But, it is not the best method because it does not give the solid roofing improvement. This method only works better in an emergency situation.

d. Fiber Cement Replacement.

When you need a complete removal procedure, then this method can be your alternative.

If you are looking the right person to help you do a roof removal Sydney procedure, then Asbestos Watch Sydney is your solution. Asbestos Watch Sydney endorses top-quality, competent and experienced removalist to overcome your fibrous problems. So, you may save a lot of time search the right removalist in your area. Our contractors will deliver your roof removal procedure with the safest manner. Let our contractors do all the work!

Now, you may quite understand what you should do when you have a fiber roofing in your house.

Call the expert!

However, before interacting or working with ACM products, you better pack yourself with some information regarding the hazardous material. It is always the best idea to understand the whole procedure before you doing one.

Before doing any work with the dangerous substance, better equipped yourself first. Wear and use protective gears that could handle the fibers. Wear a protective overall, mask, and gloves.

DO NOT forget to put caution sign in the work area. So, your surrounding environment will aware about the situation.

Here’s the information on how to conduct a safe roof removal.

After wore the protective gears, the workers will start with squirting the ACM products with PVA glue. So, the material will be undamaged, whole and encapsulated. Next move is taken off the broken and damaged ACM products. The workers will continue to place the material into stacks and squirt back the PVA glue to the stacks.

After every sheet removed and stacked, the removalist will vacuum the crack or holes in the product to suck up the remaining substance.

It is the great time to do a pest control.

After all the process had conducted, the stacked sheets have to put into a heavy-duty bag and labeled asbestos. The bags full of fibrous sheets will be set to carry to the authorized waste site within Sydney area. If you want to be more cautious, do double protective, cover the waste bag with another bag. You can also wet the damaged materials to prevent the fibers from going airborne.

Remember, before doing any work involving fibrous material you have to get assisting from someone who has the license and appropriate equipment to perform the procedure. The removal procedure is not a simple procedure. You need to do a preliminary assessment, a right and safety removal procedure, and also a secure disposal of fibrous waste.

All the safety procedure have to conduct in order to protect our lives. The inhalation of fiber substance is dangerous. It may lead us to asbestos-related diseases. That is why all the safety procedures required. To meet all of the requirements of a safe roof removal, you have to choose the right removal contractor.

We understand your needs of a professional, competent and insured removal contractor. So, call the Asbestos Watch Sydney endorsed asbestos removal contractor will save you a bunch of time to do all the research you need to get a right and qualified removalist. You can rest assured your roof removal process will be done by A Pro!

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