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Safely Demolish Your Property

Do you have a plan to demolish an old building? Have you checked whether the old building is free from asbestos? Always keep in mind that every demolition work has to be conducted safely. According to the 2011 WHS regulations, duty holders are obligated to remove asbestos containing materials (ACMs) before performing any demolition work. They must have a report stating that the building is free from ACMs.

Asbestos Demolition Sydney: Safely Demolish Your Property


Carrying out the demolition work, without checking the presence of fibre materials, is risky. Fines and criminal charges awaits if you intend to demolish the building carelessly. Thus, you have no other option than to check the building first before demolishing it.

Asbestos Watch Sydney connects you with professional contractors who can solve all asbestos related problems. They provide excellent asbestos demolition Sydney services that include inspection, survey, and the deliverance of a comprehensive report. Get connected with our experts and get free quotes now!

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Timing is Everything

A demolition process is never an easy task to do. Therefore, it can only be properly performed by experienced and high-skilled removalists. Don’t you ever think to make a shortcut by conducting DIY survey and removal with limited kits on asbestos problems. Getting exposed to asbestos dust is dangerous for your life.

Generally, an asbestos demolition Sydney work can take about 6 weeks. But, everything depends on the site condition.

The general timeline to conduct the whole process is about:

  • 20 working days for planning, assessing and setting up site
  • 8 working days for removing asbestos inside the building
  • 7 working days for demolishing the structure and remediating the site
  • and 4 working days to wrap-up the site

Every deterioration and refurbishment procedure has to be initiated by designing a control plan first. Thus, the whole process can be conducted safely. Moreover, all jobs need to be supervised by a licensed principal contractor.

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Complete Package of a Safe Demolition Process

As discussed before, a demolition process takes time. However, professional assessors will always deliver the most effective and efficient work at the given time. Therefore, trust everything to our experts.

 Here’s how they do it:

1. Conducting a survey before an asbestos demolition or refurbishment process

ACM is so vulnerable when get disturbed. Thus, a survey is required to check the presence of ACMs in all property areas. By knowing the locations of all fibre products, removalists can uninstall the ACM products safely first, then followed by the demolition works.

Our endorsed experts will check all products in your building including fencing, roofing, cement sheeting and other products that may contain fibre. They will perform the survey safely by vacating the survey zone and cover every furnishing with sheeting if required. After the survey procedure is done, a report will be made to certify whether or not should asbestos removal be conducted.


2. Comprehensive asbestos demolition Sydney works

After the survey process is done, the removalist will remove all ACM products from your property. You can’t just simply remove the fibre products using DIY kits. Always remember that getting exposed to the fibre dust is dangerous.

You must protect yourself and your surroundings. Thus, to properly perform the removal process, a removalist needs specialised tools such as respiratory equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), decontamination units, a HEPA vacuum, etc.

Our approved assessors will remove all fibre products thoroughly. They will remove all contaminated products including fencing, roofing, and cement sheeting products. Only professional removalists with A-Class certification can perform large-scale asbestos demolition Sydney services. All jobs will be done safely according to the applicable regulations.


3. The harmful waste transportation and disposal

The transportation of the waste is quite complicated. Especially, when it contains ACM products. You can’t carelessly dispose of the hazardous waste everywhere. You must separate the harmful materials from ordinary waste.

You also need to put the hazardous products in labeled bags or containers. It is such a stressful procedure to be done yourself since you also need to legally transport the waste to a legal landfill. This process can only be done properly by certified assessors. Therefore, leave all trouble to our experts right away!


Why Exactly Our Professional Contractors Are All You Need

We only endorse reliable and reputable professional contractors who can get all of the procedures done in the most secure manner. Our A-Class licensed assessors are experienced in handling ACM-related problems.

  • They are selectively chosen; We understand how hard it is to find a trusted contractor to solve your ACM-related problems. Therefore, we’ve done it for you by providing a list of great, professional contractors. We only endorse A-Class licensed contractors who can deliver the job safely; from commercial to residential level.
  • They apply modern technology to deliver the work; Our experts have been through extensive training to bring the best at their works. You can rest assured that they will safely conduct the job using the most updated tools and protective gears.
  • They deliver high-quality services at the most competitive prices; Our professional assessors will openly discuss the cost of the service – according to your budget plan. They will give you estimation cost beforehand and give a free quote to you.
  • They put your safety as their highest priority; Don’t cost your safety at risk! Raise your awareness on the risk of being exposed to the harmful materials. Let the professionals handle the dangerous work.

Start taking a wise decision by contacting our reliable contractors. Be smart, be safe; Get your free quotes now!