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Asbestos Watch Sydney is the place where your needs of a professional contractor meet the right contractor who is professional, reliable and trusted. We endorse licensed and reputable professional experts in Sydney region who will handle your asbestos-related issue in the safest manner with competitive prices.

Asbestos Air Monitoring is a checking and testing procedure which needed to ensure the level of dangerous substance within the atmosphere. If you need a professional to conduct a safe air monitoring Sydney, contact us and we will support you in doing a safe procedure.

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Our approved contractors will remove the hazardous substance and safely discard the material. Our contractor is capable of performing any work from small to large scale jobs, and assure the job is done well and complying with applicable codes of legislations and practices.

Air Monitoring Sydney

Asbestos as a deadly substance clearly needs an extra safety precaution to keep the fibers from being airborne. The fibers’ characteristics, which are light and durable, will make them almost impossible to eliminate inside our body. Therefore, during and after the removal work, the air inside the premises should always be monitored to avoid the risk of exposure.

When you try to remove the contaminated materials out of your property, you have to consider whether is it safe to breathe in the area, both outside and inside the building?

An assessor or hygienist will be the one who will conduct the procedure. The result from the process is a certificate of clearance regarding the fiber material in the environment.

Few strategies to examine the air inside a residence, including:

  • Monitoring Management

The foremost is monitoring management where the checking operation is employing some tools or equipment to count the level of fibrous substance within the environment. A sample of the atmosphere is taken in between 1 to 2 meters above the top of the ground.

  • Exposure Assessment.

This process is utilized to assess the threat of fiber substance being breathed in.

  • Clearance Observation

The final technique employed is monitoring of clearance. After the whole removal process has completed, this process could be started, and the place was decontaminated. The clearance may be issued, when the fiber material has reached the acceptable amount. The atmosphere considered safe is if its under 0.01 fibers/ml of air.

Although, the checking procedure isn’t calculated as a responsibility for bonded or friable removal work.

However, in order to be confident about the fibrous material within the area, it is advisable to conduct the air monitoring Sydney.

ASBESTOS WATCH SYDNEY endorsed reputable and capable contractors to carry out a safe procedure, so the risks of exposing the fibrous material will reduce to minimal.

Our endorsed contractor will deliver the services include these following steps:

  • Conducting a control measurement to count the fibrous substance in the environment
  • Do an exposure control to calculate the risk of the fibers of breathing in
  • Make a clearance control after the removal process is done to ensure the properties are safe to occupy.